Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A gloss in "Don Quixote" on "Pierre Menard"?

"Rather than appear to be one of those authors, who when they are requested to rehearse their works, refuse to grant the favour; and, on the other hand, disgorge them upon those who have no inclination to hear them, I will repeat my gloss, from which I expect no reward, as I composed it solely to exercise my genius" "It was the opinion of an ingenious friend of mine, said Don Quixote, that no man ought to fatigue himself in glossing upon verses, because, as he observed, the gloss could never never come up to the text, and very often, or indeed,almost always, the gloss was foreign to the intention and proposition of him who proposed it; besides, the laws of the gloss were extremely narrow, restricting the paraphraser from the use of interrogations; and "Said he,' or,'I will say;' as well as form changing verbs into nouns, and altering the sentiment; and with other ties and shackles incurred by those who try their fortune in this way as you undoubtedly know." . . . your worship will be pleased to hear the paraphrase and the text, which runs thus:" (682-83)

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