Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Order to Treat Yourself, You Have to Cheat Yourself

In other words,you have to trick yourself into taking care of yourself. When I swim,I always set 100 lengths (50 laps) of the olympic length pool at our gym as my goal. I reach it by first saying to myself it doesn't matter how many laps I do, and then setting benchmarks. After one length, only 99 more. After five, only have to do that 20 more times. After 25, only four times. The real trick is to get to 80. Then I know I will get to 100. Takes me 55-60 minutes. I swim every day. I want to stay alive as long as I can for my wife and children. But that is not how I get to 100.

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csaper said...

The logic here is fascinating and in Lacanian terms obsessional. One exercises -- alone -- in order to have more time (life) together.