Monday, August 30, 2010

Target De(ad)mographic

After I turned 55, I started getting letters from a funeral home with the words "Do you care enough to know?" written on the front. Of course, I don't want to know, and so I didn't open the envelopes. I also started getting pop ups from webpages trying to guilt-trip me into buying life insurance with pictures of a little girl kneeling in front of a gravestone (with no [your] name on it) asking "Who will take care of your family after you're gone?" I already have life insurance, so I ignore the pop ups. Nice to know I am in my special deadmographic. I thought the living were the ones were supposed to feel guilty about the (not so) soon to be dead, not vice versa. I'm not even getting letters about rest homes. Just straight to the funeral home for a "permarrest" in a grave.

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