Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Breakers Fo-ev-ah, Bisquits

I just saw Spring Breakers this afternoon. Yes, it is a good film, one big, long music video. The most interesting thing about the way it tells its linear narrative in a  on-linear way (the editing frequently and unpredictably returns us to footage we've seen earlier and sometimes unpredictably skips ahead) is that the dialogue is almost all non-deigetic and also on a kind of "press replay" loop.  I'd guess that at least half of the few moments with diegetic dialogue also have loud extra-diegetic music.  The soundtrack is composed in by Skrillex and Cliff Martinez (Drive).  The repeated sound of a shotgun locking was rather excessive, however.  Btw, I have no idea who the actresses in the film are, but I thought all were good playing not that bad, bad, badder, and baddest "girls."  Weird and rather disquieting that the villains are all black people, however.   They all die, while all the white b*****es live.  (OK, one does get shot in the arm and then goes home.)

The film tells a sad (supposed to be sentimental?) story about (bad) grrrl (that is the correct spelling of "grrrl," btw) power and white trash Gangstas.  The trailer makes the film seem salacious.  I didn't think the film was, not that I would have minded if it had been.  (Yes, there is nudity and man, many shots of lots and lots scantily clad people, some of whom are engaging in activities in which today's hard partying college youth may or not not actually engage.  You can always drive to Daytona and find out for yourselves, I guess.  Me, I have no idea.)

Lots of inventive camera work and equally inventive uses of different film stocks and video (or digital simulations of same.).
This is the lead track, which I find hilarious.Keep listening for the vocal.

My second fave track:

To cite one of the lines that gets looped many times, "Spring Break Fo-Ev-Ah, Bisquits."  ("Biscuits" is not the actual word used in the film; that word, the word in the film, rhymes with biscuits, begins with a "b" and sends with an "s.")   This message has been rated B, for Burt.

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