Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dear NRA Members

There can be gun control and
You can keep your guns. 
There can be gun control and
You don’t to have wait to buy a gun or have a background check run on you either.  
 Please bear with me.
Gun owners often compare car deaths and gun deaths.  OK. Think of a gun like a car.  They are both potentially lethal weapons.  
Cars have to be registered when we buy them, right?  And you need a driver’s license to operate a car.  To get a license, you have to know how to operate your vehicle safely.  And driving is policed primarily to reduce the risk of injury and death.  So why not do the same things for guns?  Why not require that anyone who buys a gun has to register it?  Why not require a gun owner to get a license to shoot it by passing a test showing that the owner knows the basics of gun safety?  Why not penalize people who have not registered their guns or gotten a license the same way we penalize people who break driving laws?  What do you have to fear, responsible gun owners?  If the government hasn’t come for your registered cars, why do you think it will come for your registered guns? 

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