Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Life Is a Dream Nightmare

I feel like I'm living in storage, as if I were in an airplane in "comfort" coach seating with
lots of not very good films available, good headphones to block out the noise, lots of books I brought in my carry-on luggage ,and some granola bars and water I brought with me, as well as meds if I
need to sleep.  No idea what the destination of the flight is or how long the flight will be. No turbulence on the flight. My wife is traveling with me, and we take frequent trips to the bathroom to have sex. 

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Youssef Znaiber said...

Mr Burt, you're a good fella'. I like your blog. I have discovered that I like people who talk about their frustrations, simply because they care. I like the fact that you care. Have a good night.