Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enter A/Void? or, Taking the Noé Plunge/r

We saw Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void on blu-ray a few days ago. Not sure if we should have avoided it. Like Noé's more disturbing Irresistible, Enter packs an emotional wallop. Visually, it is full of inventive things. But I did get tired of the repetitive manner in which the camera keeps backing up before taking the plunge through one hole or another in what amounts to a reversal of Irreversible: the anal rape / abortion / mistaken murder nexus of that film now becomes a series of backing ups staged as movements through--take your allegorical pick--an anal, uterine, gastro tubing--that ends with the dead brother being reincarnated in his sister's womb with his friend being the father. The Book of the Dead theme struck me as being a lot of New Age marlarky. But I / we really did like the scale models and the eventual revelation that you've been watching scale models all along and mistaking them for Toyko.

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