Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dead Friend(ship), R.I.P.

Did you have ever have a good friendship that died?  I did.  I had a friend who connects with friends by disconnecting from them. After tiring of being repeatedly disconnected, I tried to force through a better connection and called him (to re)collect.  But my friend refused to accept the charges and so the operator hung up on me.  After awhile, because I missed my friend, I tried to force a connection again.  But this time, my friend got really angry at me and cut the line.  I got a "this number is no longer in service" recording when I dialed his number.  I think my friend misheard me and mistakenly thought I was making an obscene phone call.  Anyway, the phone friendship went dead.  Perhaps it was a phoney friendship all along.  Still, I miss it. It was weird to delete his number from my cell phone.  


lilybp said...

Hey there! How come you didn't tell me you had a blog!??? I found out from John. Hope I'm not a "dead friend."

Richard Burt said...

Hi Judith,

Of course not! You will always be my living friend. Love your Cranach Judith, by the way.

lilybp said...

Thanks; I thought you would appreciate it (the Cranach, I mean). It's my fave of his Judiths, I think. I probably didn't need to sign my name, but wanted to make sure I didn't get lost. I use the nic for a number of online activities, and the pic is my identifier for those in the know (as you always are)